What’s Right with Schools: Sound School’s summer program giving students hands-on experiences missed during pandemic school year

NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — In this week’s What’s Right with Schools we are continuing our summer edition and bringing you to the Sound School’s Marine and Environmental Resource Program.  

Charles Mulligan is a science instructor at the Sound School in New Haven and says, “One of the biggest things that we preach in a science classroom is being able to get first-hand knowledge and get your hands on equipment and sample the environment and world around us.”  

Of course this past year they were missing the hands-on experience and the summer program is giving them what they missed out on.  

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On the sound, they were experiencing Otter Trawling.

Mulligan says, “Trips like today allow students to be able to put a face to the name. They’ve heard about the variety of fish the variety of crabs the variety of life in general that exists in these bays.”  

The net drags through the water for about 15 minutes and then they pull it up full of biodiversity.  

“This year especially is even more important that we provide an opportunity for them through the summer that allows them to have continuity from one year to the next and get past the craziness that was this past school year,” Mulligan explained to News 8.  

They pulled up crabs and various types of seaweed. The students got to take the lessons from the classroom and textbook and translate it into real life.  

Mulligan says, “It’s setting up for us to get a really great start to the year which is really important for the students and the teachers.”  

The Sound School is accepting applications. To apply or for more information visit their website: http://sound.school/admissions/.