TRUMBULL, Conn. (WTNH) — A few years ago, St. Joseph High School wanted to expand its campus and came across wetlands. The school decided to preserve and protect them, and now their students are benefitting as they use the area for an outdoor classroom.

“It is a story that goes back quite a long time,” said Science Department Chair Dr. Dan Walsh, who has been teaching science at St. Joseph since 1985.

A boardwalk was created, helping to enhance the lessons taught in books and videos in the classroom.

It is a way to give these kids a hands-on and totally immersive experience.

Walsh’s advanced placement biology class uses this space around once a week during the fall and spring. It is a learning experience they are lucky to have in their own backyard.

“The idea that on our school campus we’ve been able to conserve a little area like this, I think it teaches students for the future of the importance in other areas of conserving natural areas, setting them aside where they won’t be built on,” Walsh said.