DEEP RIVER, Conn. (WTNH) — As we continue our summer edition of What’s Right with Schools we bring you to Deep River’s Bushy Hill Day Camp.

It’s part of the 740 acres at Incarnation Center. Jen Malaguti is the director of the Bushy Hill Nature Center and the Steward Outdoor Day School. Malaguti started out as a camper herself when she was six years old.

After an unprecedented year, she’s happy to be back outside with her students, “This is what the kids need right now,” she tells News 8.

As they were preparing for their summer months back in January they decided to launch a summer day school program that would run for 10 weeks, Monday through Friday.

When they announced it she heard from parents, “A lot of the parents that I talk to they’re like ‘yes this is what we need.’”

It’s different than the day camp which has about 125 elementary students enrolled, “We spend the majority of our day outdoors, it’s an outdoor classroom. The 740 acres is our classroom.”

Both last year and this year, their camps covering a wide age range were waitlisted and reached max capacity.

She’s hoping the summer day school program will grow in the coming years, “Well I have a curriculum that I’m following. I use the standards of Region Four schools to guide my curriculum. It’s really great because nature is really our primary teacher.”

After a year glued to devices, these students are able to take a step outside, reconnect with friends, and unplug from technology to get their core curriculum.