WEST HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) – Emerging technology has made it easier to solve crimes over the years and even crack cold cases. Now, young minds are getting a jumpstart to join the effort.

There is a forensic investigations class at West Haven High School, which is part of a criminal justice cohort that prepares students for a career in law enforcement.

Collecting evidence, analyzing beyond what you can see with your eyes, and learning what’s possible when it comes to solving crimes.

“They have learned how to analyze hair and fiber,” Sherry Mitchell, a forensic investigations teacher said. “Currently, they’re learning how to analyze fingerprints and shoe prints.”

“It’s really cool how we can catch people that we couldn’t before,” student Daisy Trigueros said. “I think it’s really interesting.”

It’s anything but a typical classroom. There are fingerprints to be lifted and evidence to be analyzed. The classroom is a crime scene where the students have to work to identify suspects just like real-life investigators.

“I think it’s interesting that science can be applied to cold cases,” Trigueros said. “Back then, people were murdered, and their murderers have never been found.”

“We did hair analysis where we used our very own hair, we discovered the follicles, the patterns that are inside the hair follicle, and used a microscope to a very detailed extent,” senior Marlon Tapper II said.

The students have the chance to earn college credit in the class, giving them a jumpstart in a field in demand for new hires.