(WTNH) – Setting sail for the summer! Learning is happening out on the water.

It’s about stepping outside of your comfort zone and onto the water. Young kids taking a big risk.

“It’s just the kids on their own in boats, which is exciting for them, but it can be a lot to handle,” said Caleb Nyhart, Head Sailing Instructor.

It’s the Schooner Day Camp, operated by Gather New Haven out of the Sound School. Kids of all ages explore the shoreline and become familiar with the water and moving across it.

Sailing is very weather-dependent. You have days that are ideal where there is just enough wind and not too many clouds. There are days that there isn’t a lot of wind where the campers can practice exercises like capsizing, which is just as fun.

“We teach them how to capsize, how to flip the boat back over. They practice that on the second day, third day they went sailing for the first time,” Nyhart said.

The most important lesson is working together.

“Our boat sometimes tipped a little bit, but if you really believe in yourself and your teammates, you can get your boat to move really well,” said Aurora Aden of Orange.

The campers get to appreciate the beauty nature’s classroom has to offer.