WOODBRIDGE, Conn. (WTNH) – Some major research is happening in classrooms right here in Connecticut.

Students are coming up with ideas and discovering problems that need to be fixed. A science research course is underway at Amity High School in Woodbridge, and students are trying to create real change.

“We found that with orthopedic patients, a lot of them are going to the emergency department when they could be getting that same care, if not higher level of care, at an urgent care center,” said Anchal Bahel, a senior at Amity High School.

Anchal Bahel has come up with resources for patients to understand where they can get the best level of care.

“Our next step is to publish this research and we have submitted it for publication,” Bahel said. “Hopefully after it gets accepted.”

Students can’t just opt into this class. They need to be accepted after submitting an application, transcriptions, essays and even teacher recommendations. It’s giving them a major leg up on college.

“I’ve actually had students contact me who are in college say they got into research classes in freshman year when usually they don’t accept until junior year because of the background they had in high school, so we do provide a unique opportunity for them,” said Cathy Piscitelli, science research program director.

Some are even traveling worldwide to pitch their ideas.

“I traveled to Krakow, Poland to present the model I made to determine ESG using social networks,” said Aarav Patel, a junior.