CROMWELL, Conn. (WTNH) – The sounds of the season are merry and bright, and they’re filling up the hallways of a Cromwell High School.

“It’s not sitting at a desk studying. You’re up and you’re moving and you’re feeling things with each other,” explained Karly Nelson, Cromwell High’s choir director.

It may sound like a holiday concert, look like a group ready to dazzle an audience, and while you wouldn’t be wrong, you may not realize the students in a class, learning, and working towards an ‘A’.

“Honestly, I don’t really see it as a class because it’s something I enjoy so much, but it is still nice to have something to work toward with a group,” said John Enoch, a Cromwell High School senior.

John plays percussion in a Jazz group, and practices alongside the concert choir. It’s a class offered during the school day in between math and science.

This is one class that was attempted remotely amid the pandemic, but it’s just not as easy to learn off one another when you’re alone at home.

Senior Jessica Camilleri, a singer, gave it her all as this gives her an opportunity to practice what she hopes to become her future.

“I always want to keep it in my life. I’m a songwriter outside of school and I just love it so much,” Camilleri said.

An escape from the typical classroom environment and the world around us.

“It just helps give me something to look forward to in these times,” Enoch added.

“The socializing part and just feeling unity within the school is just something that the arts really bring together for us,” Nelson said.

Bringing comfort and joy this holiday season.