It’s the VIP treatment at Vance elementary school in New Britain. 

Its tradition to roll out the red carpet to the school bus on the last day of school. 

Fifth graders are graduating, and that means its on to a whole new school. 

Soon all the graduate’s names will be placed on a plaque on the school’s wall, a tradition that first started back in the mid 80’s.

It’s also a day with no shortage of tears. 

There are mixed emotions for their principal. 

“They’ve worked hard to become super leaders, great role models, they lead by example,” said Sarah Harris, Principal of Vance Elementary School. 

A Vance, the average class size is twenty-five kids, more than a handful for its teachers. 

However, the school has its set of “Vance values” they try to ingrain in each student. 

But now, it’s time for summer break. 

Surprisingly it’s not something every student looks forward to. 

It’s a transition that can bring anxiety. 

“All of our teachers and staff really believe in them and our kids feel that, now it’s like…”what’s going to happen when I get to middle school?  Will I still have teachers that care about me?”  Those are some of the questions that I hear,” said principal Sarah Harris. 

In their formative years, the Vance staff hopes when they “get on” the bus for the last time in elementary school…they will be more well-rounded then when they first got off. 

“The values that develop, we lay the foundation and we hope it continues when they reach middle school and beyond,” said Harris. 


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