WATERBURY, Conn. (WTNH) — We’ve all heard of STEM, but what about STEAM?

From pottery to painting, art class at ACES at Chase in Waterbury incorporates STEM in their projects, circling back to their foundation of STEAM.

In your typical art class, watercolors are certainly a part of the curriculum, but for this art class, they use different projects to show things like inertia, gravity, and force, which is where STEAM comes in —science, technology, engineering, art, and math.

“Quite honestly, arts have always been extremely important to curriculum, particularly at the middle school level,” Karen Habegger, principal of ACES at Chase, said.

It’s a new focus for this new school, moving from Thomas Edison in Meriden to Waterbury. Their facilities support their new mission.

“It’s been an amazing journey on our new campus here in Waterbury at ACES at Chase,” Habegger said. “Being here on this campus, we now have a full arts annex, a gorgeous theater, and spaces and facilities that we just really want to encourage even further growth in our curriculum of the arts.”

Not just traditional art class but plenty of others, from chorus to instruments — tying it all into the overall curriculum.