WINDSOR, Conn. (WTNH) — At Windsor High School, Kendrick Moore is the school’s community resource coordinator. He is also the head of the leadership program encouraging students to get involved in their communities. However, it is more than the program that is just making an impact. 

The leadership program is made up of five individual programs: Speed Pass Program, Big Sister Mentoring, Young Men’s Leadership, Leadership Council and Athletes for Action.  

Moore has held this position for seven years, but he says it has always been a calling for him, “I wake up every morning thinking about how to change someone’s life and when those two come together it’s just the perfect combination.”  

For his students, they admire him and look up to him. Junior leadership student Breon Parker tells News 8, “For Windsor, having Mr. Moore it’s just an honest blessing. Mr. Moore has done so much for the town, for us, for the school, I think he’s just an amazing guy who has a lot to teach and a lot to offer.”  

Moore says that is exactly how he wants his students to feel, “The relationships grow over those four years and they understand that they have someone on their side.”  

Kruti Dharsandiya is a sophomore leadership student. She tells News 8, “I have seen upperclassmen and students in college who have learned from these programs and have done great so I’m like, this is an opportunity I need to take.”  

The programs teach students more than leadership, Parker says, “I definitely learned responsibility and accountability are important to life and moving onto the next level.”  

It is a program that is leading the lives of hundreds of high school students, but it is Moore who is making a long-lasting impact. He tells News 8, “In order for me to maintain the endurance that’s needed to provide for hundreds of different students each year on a daily basis, you have to be invested, you have to be fully invested and I have a great support system around me that understands my passion and they allow me to do what I’ve been put here to do.”