WINDSOR, Conn. (WTHN) — Learning a life skill early on, one school district is setting itself apart from the rest.

Woodworking isn’t a skill that comes easy to everyone.

“Using the cutting stuff with my nails, I almost cut myself a few times,” said Corym Perry in the eighth grade.

But that’s not stopping these Sage Park Middle School students in Windsor from cranking out projects that are useful.

“I’m making a candy dispenser right now, she just taught me to make a really weird cut. It was pretty easy,” noted eighth grader Maximilian Esquiaeola Ayala.

It’s a woodworking class taught by Megan Rickis to get eighth graders sampling the industry early.

“I think this is where you take out the candy, and I have pieces where I have to start gluing,” said Perry.

And even if this isn’t a student’s career plan, it’s about more than just that. This class is about building skills they’ll certainly use again one day.

“Like you’re going to buy a house, you’re going to need to know how to measure. You’re going to need to know how to cut something,” said Rickis.

And they’re catching on, it’s not just about constructing a product. It’s about learning the tools you’ll need along the way.