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Learning life lessons during summer internships

NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) - There are plenty of ways that teenagers could spend the summer.

Many might not choose the inside of New Haven's City Hall.

Isaiah Germain and other students from Achievement First Amistad High School are taking their time off to get a hands on experience.

"Even though you do learn a lot in school, I do think that experience is the best teacher," Germain said.

Amistad has more than 300 students spending summers at local companies, organizations and businesses.

"Really getting a chance to explore areas of interest, practice different skills and really learn and grow and be in a professional environment in the summer," explained Lauren Cohen with Achievement First Amistad High School.

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Learning and growing is exactly what Miquell Shaw did.

"Before I came, I was like, 'I wanna change the world but I'm not sure exactly like how,'" he said.

Now, Shaw is heading to the University of Richmond.

"After, I was like, 'This is what I wanna do, this is how I'm gonna do it,'" he added.

He graduated from Amistad and spent much of his free time gaining life experience through an internship. The internship provided a chance to test out a career path and set the right course for college.

Meanwhile, for Miquell, spending time as an intern at city hall reaffirmed his passion to improve lives in his community.

"The most important lesson I came away with [was] never underestimate local government. Because local government is where the real change happens," he explained. "People aspire to be president and all that, that's cool too, but local government is where you become intimate with the people you are supposed to be representing."

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