(WTNH) — Rich Graziano, VP and General Manager of WTNH News 8 and WCTX MyTV9 speaks about the TV station’s involvement in the CT Recovers campaign in partnership with iHeartMedia and CT REALTORS:

Millions of opioids are prescribed every year, although they are highly addictive.

Last year, they killed nearly a thousand people in our state. That’s two or more overdose deaths a day.

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In fact, opioids kill more people in Connecticut than cars do. Just about everyone knows someone hurt by these painkillers; it can be the teenager who takes pain pills for a sports injury…and can’t stop. Or the family mourning a loved one’s death.

The death grip of Opioid Use Disorder hits nearly every town and city here, from Andover to Woodstock.

It hits every race. Every income level.

We have to do something to end this death grip.

We can do it.

There is hope.

People can recover from addiction. There are treatments that do work and the treatment is covered by insurance, or by the state for those without insurance.

But the stigma of addiction can stop people from getting treatment.

WTNH News 8 is teaming up to stop the stigma and stop the deaths. We are working with Connecticut REALTORS, iHeartMedia and with country music legend, Keith Urban.

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He will perform “A Concert for Recovery” at Mohegan Sun on November 17. Tickets go on-sale this Wednesday, September 25 at Ticketmaster or at the Mohegan Sun box office.

All proceeds go to helping Connecticut residents with Opioid Use Disorder. You can learn more about Opioid Use Disorder by going to LiveLoud.org. You can learn more about our efforts at CTRecovers.com.

Thank you for helping us break the stigma of Opioid Use Disorder.