HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — News 8’s Alyssa Taglia spent the morning at iHeartMedia stations, WWYZ-FM Country 92-5 and WKSS-FM KISS 95-7, to discuss the partnership between News 8 and iHeartMedia for the CT Recovers campaign, a long-term partnership on opioid awareness and recovery in Connecticut alongside CT REALTORS.

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At radio station Country 92-5, Damon & Cory shared their excitement for A Concert for Recovery, starring country music artist, Keith Urban with show opener Travis Denning. One hundred percent of the proceeds, including Ticketmaster fees, will benefit opioid awareness organizations locally in Connecticut.

“It has become such a crisis, you hear about it every day, from kids in high school that are having issues because they go on pain meds from an injury in sports to older people who are trying to fight different things, too. It’s just affected everybody in some way, shape or form. And for Keith to jump on board, we’re just so thankful. He’s amazing,”

Country 92-5 morning show host Cory Myers

Damon Scott added, “Even if you’re not a huge country fan, he just puts on such a dynamic show. He’s doing this for us. He’s not on tour. He’s coming out to do this, for this cause. Which is pretty cool!”

Alyssa then spoke with Top 40 radio station, KISS 95-7‘s Courtney and KISS in the Morning:

“I urge you. Tickets go on-sale on Wednesday [September 25], get your tickets because those sales, those proceeds, are going right back to our State of Connecticut in fighting the opioid crisis. It’s an honor to team up with WTNH, CT REALTORS and to do something so good for our own state, it makes me feel good.”

– KISS 957’s Courtney

This afternoon, News 8’s Storm Team 8 Meteorologist Joe Furey spoke to baseball legend and ESPN radio host, Rob Dibble about what he has seen of the opioid crisis in sports:

“More than 70% of people that get addicted to opioids get it from their friends. So you’re getting it from your trainer, getting it maybe from your teammate, getting it from your neighbor and your friends. And it leads to something worse.”

– Rob Dibble, 97.9 ESPN

Dibble went on to share a painful story of addiction right in his own family.

Dibble said his sister’s addiction began with pain killers and escalated to heroin. He says the addiction destroyed her life: cost her her marriage, custody of her daughter, and a relationship with her family.

Dibble says he misses his sister and would love to see her.

“I love my older sister; I’d love to see her more. I have an 8-year-old daughter that she’s never seen.

Opioid addiction and getting addicted to heroin and fentanyl, you know, because of pain killers, we gotta do something about it.”

– Rob Dibble, 97.9 ESPN

New’s 8’s Joe Furey also made an appearance on KISS 95-7 Monday evening to talk to Jagger about the importance of the collaboration effort to support opioid addiction recovery.

“It’s hitting us hard here in Connecticut, and it’s hitting us hard all over the country. And I think it’s great that we’re able to team up together and help put this show on with Keith Urban who is a superstar.”

– Jagger, KISS 95.7