NEW LONDON, Conn. (WTNH)– New London County is just behind Windham County as far as the number of opioid overdoses but now New London county has a special program to combat that. 

It involves first responders police, fire, also the Ledge Light Health District and what they call recovery navigators.

Those navigators go out with the fire department to the same addresses that the fire department had responded to a week before for overdoses and they go there to meet the people and let them know that there is help out there. Whether it be treatment or whatever else they need. 

There is also a physician that works with this team and he actually goes into the community to prescribe Suboxone to help fight the opioid addiction. They say having this help out there and reaching out has made a difference.

“One of the priorities of the Overdose Action Team is this idea of coordinated access. That people should be able to easily access support and information and if they want treatment,” said Jen Muggeo, Ledge Light Health District .

During the last 18 months this team has been able to reach more than 300 people in the community and it has seen positive results.

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