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Report It Recap: September 27, 2019

Fall is officially here. This week there was a presidential visit in New Britain and a woman with something big to celebrate.

Ledyard officials testing public water after possible contamination by vandals

During the last week so, the water authority property in Ledyard was broken into three times; the last time, the vandals did the most damage, causing concern that possibly the water supply – which supplies water to 870 households in the area – could have been contaminated.

Warnings about ice on reservoirs and lakes

Chris Turner doesn't take any chances when he goes out on the ice at Pattagansett Lake in East Lyme.

Cleats keep him from slipping and a heavy metal pole lets him know how thick the ice is.

Water comes up pretty quickly out of the first hole he makes. Further out on the lake the ice is thicker.

"It's about three and a half, four inches thick," says Turner of Gales Ferry.

He says if it's four inches he'll go ice fishing.

School security changes after Sandy Hook tragedy

For years patrol officers in Stonington were encouraged to stop by schools around town randomly and walk through them. After the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School that kind of coverage has been increased even more.

On Thursday a police cruiser was parked outside Stonington High School on the 5 year anniversary of the deadly shooting i Newtown.

Police tell News8 after that tragedy Stonington started to use reserve officers whose sole purpose is to drive from school to school and walk through them. They are on an alternating schedule so people never know when or where they will be.

“More conscious definitely definitely,” said Jane Belego of Gales Ferry.

When her children were first in school you could just walk right in. That has changed.

“You have to sign in,” said Belagio. “You have to show them your ID and they hold them in the cafeteria until you’ve done all that and they come out.”

This year no one can leave the school in Bozrah while buses are picking up students.

The new Sandy Hook school has many of the safety features found in schools now statewide.

There is bullet proof glass, along with electronic doors and door locks, cameras, both visible and not visible, and panic buttons throughout the building

Budget deal expected on Senate floor Wednesday

The Governor still has not seen the detail of this deal but it is expected to come up on the State Senate floor late Wednesday afternoon or early evening then move to the House on Thursday.  News 8 has confirmed that legislative senior staff has briefed the Governor’s senior staff on the plan.

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