Will we get snow on Christmas Day?

What are the odds we’ll have a white Christmas? They’re better than they typically are.

Sprinklers installed in home rebuilt after tragic fire

The home at 10 Winsor Avenue looks a little different than it used to.

It’s being rebuilt by Habitat for Humanity after a tragic fire in September 2016 which claimed the life of a 6 year old girl.

Orange pipes can be seen throughout the Plainfield home. They’re part of a state of the art sprinkler system being installed.

“So that vile right there and that would allow the water,” explains Dino Tudisca the project supervisor with Habitat for Humanity of Eastern Connecticut. “That would let that valve pop open and then the water would hit the back of this and disperse and fan throughout the room.”

In last year’s fire girl’s mother Jeanette Lawyea and her young son escaped the flames. They will move back in once the rebuild is complete.

“This is a different style home than the one that was here before. It has a different floor plan and a different look completely. We thought that was an important part of having the family return to this location,” said Terri O’Rourke, executive director for Habitat for Humanity of Eastern Connecticut.

The change which may have the biggest impact could be the sprinkler system donated by K & M Fire Protection Services of Plantsville. A 400 hundred gallon tank sits in the basement in case it is needed.

Snowmobiles race on Mount Southington slopes

If you weren’t out at Mount Southington on Sunday, you really missed out on a cool weekend filled with speed and high-flying snowmobiles.

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