The Ultimate Recovery: Cycles of pain anchor Biden’s moment

WASHINGTON (AP) — A young lawyer bounds across a parking lot in New Castle, Delaware, a blur of long sideburns, wide lapels and self-assurance. He throws open a door to a beauty salon, and the ladies inside whoop with surprise. It’s clear from the grainy footage that the stylists don’t know this 29-year-old candidate – […]

Wide shift in opinion on police, race rare in US polling

WASHINGTON (AP) — It’s rare for public opinion on social issues to change sharply and swiftly. And yet in the wake of George Floyd’s death, Americans’ opinions about police brutality and racial injustice have moved dramatically. About half of American adults believe police violence against the public is a “very” or “extremely” serious problem, according […]

One Good Thing: Chalk walk at Hawley Elementary in Newtown for Staff Appreciation Week

NEWTOWN, Conn. (WTNH) — Hawley Elementary in Newtown is celebrating its Staff Appreciation Week in a colorful way. Earlier this week, parents and students decorated over 175 feet of the school’s sidewalk with 77 different chalk drawings! There were enough sections to draw custom messages for each teacher and each department. It was a way […]

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