(WTNH) – She’s a mother of five with caring in her blood. It’s her life’s work to help others, but Middlefield’s Millicent Malcolm isn’t just any nurse, she’s a geriatric nurse practitioner, paying special attention to our oldest population.

“I’ve taken care of, in some cases, a couple of generations, as some of my patients are close to 100 years old, that makes their daughters 80,” Malcolm said.

It’s her love for older patients that inspired her to take her work on the road when she noticed patients were too ill to come to her.

“I started going out to the homes to do a house call program, doing a lot of nursing home visits, assisted living facilities,” Malcolm said.

It’s fulfilling work for her seeing that they get the help they need. That was until March of 2020.

“COVID hit and it just completely changed everything we do,” Malcolm said.

Like nurses everywhere, Malcolm found herself on the frontlines of a global pandemic. Now tasked with caring for patients cut off from their loved ones, lives were cut short, and her health was also at risk.

“My son is in the military, it’s hard to understand how someone would willingly want to risk their life for something, and during that time I called him and said, ‘I get your service right now, I get how your feel the need to do this no matter what,’” Malcolm said.

Her selfless work with our most vulnerable has put her on the receiving end of a number of community awards. She’s not done yet. She’s now teaching the importance of loving and adapting to care for our ever-increasing elderly population.

“It’s really important we get our healthcare workers and systems up to speed to be able to care for these people,” Malcolm said.

It’s that caring spirit and forward thinking that makes her remarkable.