Remarkable Women nominee #2: Briana McGuckin

Remarkable Women

(WTNH) — As our Remarkable Women campaign continues, we will introduce you to each of our four finalist nominees weekly. 

Our second finalist is Briana McGuckin. She represents perseverance and determination, and her story of going after the life she wants inspires all. 

McGuckin was nominated by her mother, “My mother nominated me, which she did not warn me about at all, so that was a total surprise.”

In fact, her mother sent her a card telling her that she had nominated her for the campaign, it reads in part, ‘What will you find within is my attempt to express appreciation of you and all your efforts. I hope you do not mind this public display. I love you — Mom.’ 

If you were to ask McGuckin, she is pretty humble in regard to her life’s journey so far, “I didn’t go and do track or decide I was going to be good at soccer even though I had this disability. It was when I was young because I wasn’t walking, I was reading. And because I wasn’t playing on the schoolyard, I was writing, I was playing in a notebook.” 

She was born with spastic diplegic cerebral palsy. She tells News 8, “It was very hard to walk, very hard to do a lot of things.”

Growing up she went through almost 10 surgeries.

“There were home therapists, physical therapists, some surgery on my eyes, initial surgery on my left leg. Then, when I started to hit 10 or 11, growth spurts and stuff, the muscles started getting tighter and I needed corrective surgery to lengthen my heel cords, my hamstrings and they put metal plates on my hips to turn them out.” 

Now 32-year-old, McGuckin has held onto a positive perspective as she chases her dreams, not letting her disability hold her back.

“When my dad died, my dad never got to retire, so I took his death as a lesson in — do the thing you want to do now.” 

She quit her full-time librarian job at Central Connecticut State University and decided to finish her MFA and work full-time on publishing her novel. 

Years later, she’s a published author, and you can find her short stories in different books. Her goal now is to publish her very own book and potentially sign with an agent. 

In the meantime, spending everyday writing is her dream, and that is something she’s worked hard to achieve.

“In my dreams…there’s always been a part of me that feels this is my thing a lot of things are not my thing this is my thing.” 

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