(WTNH) — It was the first full week of October and a lot happened. First, we go back to Wednesday, October 2nd and the tragedy that unfolded at Bradley Airport. That vintage B-17 that crashed while trying to make an emergency landing, killing seven people.

Passengers inside the main terminal quickly noticing the thick plume of black smoke. Many of you sending in your own photos of your own experiences with that same plane over the years. Both outside and inside. The aircraft was fascinating to so many people. How it crashed is still under investigation.

The Alzheimer’s Walk taking place at Lighthouse Point Park in New Haven. A beautiful day to bring awareness to such a horrible disease. Chief Meteorologist Gil Simmons was there doing what he does best — working the crowd. Enjoying time with so many great viewers. All of them — with their own personal reasons to be there.

Fall is in full swing, as you can tell. Between the corn mazes and pumpkins.

Those up close pictures of nature — never seem to disappoint.

A mix of weather conditions this week. Wind and rain giving way to quite a few rainbows.

Joan got great shots during some early morning fishing on Bantam Lake.

Finally, the leaves are changing. Already at peak to our north. John Row sent in an amazing shot over Lake Willoughby in Vermont. The splashes of color — beautiful!

Keep those pictures and videos coming!