(WTNH)– Fall is officially here. This week there was a presidential visit in New Britain and a woman with something big to celebrate.

A lot going on this week. So, let’s get to it. Fall is officially here. Your photos are already reflecting that between the scarecrows and the mums, of course. And all those pumpkins.

Anjali enjoyed a display at Belinsky’s Farm in Oxford. While the apple picking is a family affair at Holmbergs Orchard in Gales Ferry.

Those sunrises and sunsets lit up the sky in orange and yellow. As we enjoy the crisp autumn air, there was a picture in Colchester that could be a postcard.

History was made in New Britain. Polish President Andre Duda and his wife visited for the first time. An exciting day for the more than 20,000 Polish Americans who call the city home.

Polonia Business Association President, Attorney Adrian Baron, was presented with the flag of Poland by the president himself.

The Altieri’s from North Haven sent us a picture of a rainbow at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii, making us all a little jealous.

The blossom blogger once again sent some beautiful close ups of nature.

Gibbs was still taking dips in the chilly water.

Finally, a happy 100th birthday to Eileen Pomer in Clinton.Certainly a reason to celebrate.

Keep all those pictures and videos coming. We want to see them.