(WTNH)– More back to school pictures and some reminders that summer isn’t over just yet.

Let’s give a shout out to the second wave of students, who went back to school this week. The lucky ones who don’t start until after Labor Day, getting a summer break that’s just a little longer than everyone else.

Gabby was literally jumping into third grade. I like her enthusiasm.

Some parents were sending the kids off to school. For them, it’s a celebration. Just check out the balloons behind their backs.

Jaxon in Bristol was excited for Pre-K. Dylan was ready to take on the new year.

Another little lady is now a second grader at Southington Catholic. Back to class and back to playing sports.

Some of us here at News 8 were sending our own kids off to school. Brian Spyro’s son, Maverick, is in pre-school. Part of the graduating class of 2034.

Sam Kantrow’s son, Cameron, is taking on second grade with a chalk board that’s bigger than him.

And Teresa Dufour was sending son, Dante, off to pre-school. Not happy the first day. The second day went much better.

To all the kids out there and the teachers, much success. Only 9 months to go until the end of the year.

Michael got a video in Meriden of a police officer throwing a football around with kids, no doubt creating a bond with them.

Some stormy weather this week in some parts of the state but those sunrises and sunsets didn’t disappoint.

The sky was on fire in a good way.

Keep those pictures and videos coming.