Which wreath storage is best?

Most holiday decorations require the buyer to think about how they’ll store the items for the several months of the year they won’t be in use, and finding wreath storage is no different. And while many holiday decorations can easily fit into malleable bags or rectangular boxes, wreaths are unique for their circular designs. This means wreath storage containers must either be big enough to accommodate the decorations, or circular for a tighter fit, like the wreaths themselves.

For something simple, this ProPik Wreath Storage Bag is lightweight and easy to pack away, offering storage for wreaths of up to 24 inches in diameter.

What to know before you buy wreath storage

Storage location

How and where you plan to store your wreath may determine what kind of wreath storage is best for your needs. Many of the best wreaths will fit into various containers, though there are a handful of bags and bins specifically designed for wreath storage that works well for most buyers.

Wreath storage bag vs. bins

Depending on how you hope to store your wreath or wreaths, you may prefer a wreath storage bag or a wreath storage bin. The main difference dividing the two categories is that wreath storage bins or boxes tend to offer higher levels of protection against wear and tear. In contrast, wreath storage bags are lighter and usually make it a little easier for wreaths to fit, given their soft structure.

Wreath size

Wreath storage containers need to be large enough to fit your wreath inside, so it’s essential to consider the size of your wreath’s diameter and what container might work best. Wreaths usually range from as small as 12 inches up to 36 inches, with most models being either 24 or 30 inches. Wreath storage containers are also usually made to fit these standard wreath sizes, so it’s fairly easy to pick one meant for your size wreath.

What to look for in quality wreath storage


Most importantly, wreath storage containers should protect your wreath from wear and tear associated with storage and doubly so if you’re stacking them or using other storage methods than being hung. While wreath storage bags usually offer protection from dust and small amounts of moisture, wreath storage bins and boxes made from hard plastic usually provide more protection from the elements.

Easy to store

Part of a wreath storage container’s purpose is to be used for storage, so finding one that’s easy to store is especially helpful. While some storage containers may be stacked, most offer a useful handle that some buyers will use to hang the containers in storage.

Multiple wreath storage

Some wreath storage solutions may contain enough space for multiple wreaths, which can be particularly useful if you have more than one that you put out for holiday decoration at a time. Still, another method many buyers go with is buying multiple wreath storage containers since they often come in bulk packs of two or more units.

How much you can expect to spend on wreath storage

Wreath storage can vary in price, especially if you don’t purchase a traditional solution for your wreaths like those in circular bag configurations. Most cheap wreath storage bags can cost as little as $8, while hard plastic wreath storage bins and bulk packs of wreath storage bags may range from $15-$70.

Wreath storage FAQ

Which products are best for wreath storage in the garage?

A. Various wreath storage containers can work well for storing in the garage during the off-season, and which one works best for you primarily depends on your storage needs. A durable handle, strap, or other mounting hardware is necessary for those who plan to hang wreath storage containers. In contrast, those that plan to stack their wreaths in a bag or box alongside other items may simply want the most protective wreath storage container possible.

Can you buy extra-large wreath storage containers?

A. While it’s not uncommon for wreaths to range between a 12- and 24-inch diameter, some holiday wreaths can also measure standard sizes of 30 or 36 inches in diameter, with some even larger, making it challenging to find wreath storage containers that are large enough. Still, you can find many wreath storage products in sizes of up to 48 inches, or buyers can simply look for an even larger multi-use bag or box.

What’s the best wreath storage to buy?

Top wreath storage

ProPik 24-Inch Wreath Storage Container with Heavy-Duty Handles

ProPik 24-Inch Wreath Storage Container with Heavy-Duty Handles

What you need to know: This single wreath storage bag features a tarp-like material and a 24-inch diameter for holiday wreaths of around the same size.

What you’ll love: This 24-inch wreath storage bag includes strongly-stitched handles for carrying, and it can easily fold up and be stored when it’s wreath season. This wreath storage bag can also be purchased in either green, black or red and in larger 30- and 36-inch sizes.

What you should consider: This wreath storage bag is fairly thin, which some buyers didn’t like.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top wreath storage for the money

ZOBER Two-Pack of 30-Inch Oxford Tear-Resistant Wreath Storage Bags

ZOBER Two-Pack of 30-Inch Oxford Tear-Resistant Wreath Storage Bags

What you need to know: If you have more than one 30-inch wreath, but you don’t want to break the bank, this pack includes two wreath storage bags and interior straps for added protection.

What you’ll love: This wreath storage bag two-pack is even more affordable than many individual units, and its inside straps are a gamechanger for keeping your wreath safe. On top of the 30-inch wreath storage bag, you can also purchase these in 24- and 36-inch varieties.

What you should consider: Some buyers hoped these wreath storage bags were more rigid, like how they appear in the listing’s photos.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

HOMZ Three-Pack of 24-Inch Hard Plastic Wreath Storage Boxes with Clear Lids

HOMZ Three-Pack of 24-Inch Hard Plastic Wreath Storage Boxes with Clear Lids

What you need to know: Those who want even more protection than a bag for their wreaths will appreciate this three-pack of wreath storage bins with lids made from durable hard plastic.

What you’ll love: Buyers love these wreath storage bins for their increased levels of protection compared to most wreath storage bags. They also have a plastic handle that’s great for hanging or carrying and securely clipping lids and being able to be purchased in either red or black.

What you should consider: Despite being extra protective for wreaths, these hard plastic wreath storage bins are more expensive than many other wreath bag models.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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