Which sensory toy for toddlers is best?

From running to climbing or even touching everything around them, toddlers are little explorers that love the feeling of always being free. Sensory toys can also give them some creative freedom while inspiring fun and joy.

If you’re looking for the right type of sensory toys for your toddler, it is essential to find one like the Edushape Sensory Puzzle Blocks that can spark creativity while making the learning process fun and playful.

What to know before you buy a sensory toy for toddlers


As your child grows, you can know what they like, which you can use to choose the toys they’ll love. You can learn this when they play around the house as you will see that they favor one activity over another. For example, if you notice that your child is a spinner, jumper or toe walker, you can buy a balance board or trampoline to inspire their play. In contrast, if your child loves to build, buying any kinetic sand or play clay toy can be the game-changer.


The best toys are usually those multisensory options that activate two or more senses. So even if your child is teething and looking for something to munch on and also wants a playmate that is soft enough to be squeezed, you don’t have to go looking for new toys because you already have a varied toy set that addresses these needs. Open-ended toys, such as rainbow blocks or magnetic tiles, also offer a variety because they trigger creativity and your child can use them to dream up stories.


Every toy is designed with a function in mind, even though there may be multifunctional options. Liquid timers or fidget tools are a great option if you’re looking to boost your child’s focus and concentration skills. Overall, the right sensory toys for your child should offer a plethora of entertainment that keeps them occupied long enough without them getting bored.

What to look for in a quality sensory toy for toddlers


Kids love all kinds of toys, but regardless, toys are matched with specific ages for safety reasons. For instance, parts of certain toys are so small that they can choke if accidentally swallowed by the child. Children also like to chew their toys, which is another safety concern. So when buying your little one’s toys, ensure it is unbreakable or strong enough to withstand chewing to minimize the risk of them ingesting any harmful particles.


While children grow up pretty fast, it can be a great bargain to have toys that last several years in your home without being abandoned by your child. One toy that can last this long is the activity dome, which can serve as a comfortable play space or cozy sleeping den for your child, whether a newborn, infant or toddler. Durability is another factor that influences longevity and there are toys designed to withstand your child’s chewing, fiddling, squeezing or twirling to ensure longevity.


If you’re looking to combine fun and therapy, sensory toys can be very therapeutic to kids regardless of their condition while also enhancing play. For example, toys like fidget spinners or spiky balls can be beneficial if you want something to capture your child’s attention. At the same time, sensory tents or weighted blankets can help them relax and shut out any overwhelming feeling. 

How much you can expect to spend on sensory toys for toddlers

Most sensory toys cost $13-$30, but you can expect to pay up to $30 for toys like stuffed animals or plush toys

Sensory toy for toddlers FAQ

What is the ideal sensory toy for my toddler with autism?

A. Generally, toddlers like the same toys regardless of their condition, such as puzzles, blocks, balls, cars or books. However, specific toys could benefit these kids as they stimulate and engage the senses to improve sensory play, such as pop tubes, hammock swings, vibrating cushions and sensory mats.

Are sensory toys safe?

A. Apart from supervising your child’s playtime to ensure safety, you should also select the age-appropriate toy for your child when you want to buy toys. Ideally, you should go for large toys and avoid toys with small parts that your baby can choke on. Furthermore, children like to put toys in their mouths, so you should buy toys that can withstand chewing. Choosing toys made with safe materials such as wood, ABS plastic, rubber or organic cotton is another way to ensure safety. 

What’s the best sensory toy for toddlers to buy?

Top sensory toys for toddlers

Edushape Sensory Puzzle Blocks

Edushape Sensory Puzzle Blocks

What you need to know: If your child is 2 to 5 years old, this sensory toy is an excellent choice for developing their fine motor skills and enhancing their logic and reasoning.

What you’ll love: The blocks feature pyramid-shaped nubs on all sides so that your child’s small hands can easily grip it. It can also be used from the get-go as there is no assembly required.

What you should consider: There are bumps on the blocks that may make it difficult to stack, which can be frustrating if your child wants to use them as building blocks. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Buy Buy Baby

Top sensory toy for toddlers for the money

Sassy 8-Piece Rain Barrel Bath Toy

Sassy 8-Piece Rain Barrel Bath Toy

What you need to know: It is a colorful toy that creates fun while helping your child learn interactively.

What you’ll love: It includes spinning parts that can stimulate your toddler’s eye-tracking and visual exploration abilities. There are also interchangeable tubes that enhance hands-on learning and curiosity. 

What you should consider: Some toy components won’t function unless you put water in them, which isn’t always feasible. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Buy Buy Baby

Worth checking out

Infantino Press & Stay Sensory Blocks

Infantino Press and Stay Sensory Blocks

What you need to know: It is a uniquely shaped set of block toys that can help to develop your child’s imagination and thinking skills. 

What you’ll love: It brings out the creativity in your child thanks to its unique interlocking pattern, which allows your little one to exercise their imagination. The blocks can be easily put together or pulled, stacked up or even built sideways, which makes your child’s sensory play interesting.

What you should consider: Some users complained about the blocks not sticking together when stacking them.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Buy Buy Baby


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