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Which single-sink vanities are best?

When upgrading or renovating your bathroom, a single-sink vanity is a simple and elegant way to add style and flair. You can find single-sink vanities in a variety of sizes, made from various materials and featuring an assortment of design details. Whatever look you’re going for in your bathroom, you’ll be able to find one that not only fits but also appeals to your taste. Our top pick is Timeless Home Single Bathroom Vanity for its versatility in multiple interior design schemes.

What to know before you buy a single-sink vanity


Bathroom vanities come in a wide variety of sizes. You’ll need to measure your bathroom before making any selection. Keep in mind that guest bathrooms are typically smaller than primary bathrooms, so plan accordingly. 

The general rule is that a 24-inch wide vanity is ideal for a tiny bathroom. A 30-inch wide vanity is only slightly bigger but allows for more storage. A 36-inch vanity can include drawers and cabinets, but the most amount of storage can be found in vanities between 42-60 inches wide if your bathroom can support it. 

Storage capacity

The potential storage capacity goes hand-in-hand with the size of the vanity. A bigger vanity typically has more cabinets and drawers. Vanities with just drawers are best for towel storage. And single cabinet vanities are good for cleaning supplies and extra toilet paper. Depending on how many cabinets, shelves and closets you already have in your bathroom, you’ll want to consider what vanity design best suits your storage needs. 


The vanity frame is most often made of wood, but the countertop can be made from a few different materials such as marble, glass, stone, metal or other water-resistant, composite materials. The sink is typically made from vitreous china, cast-iron, steel, glass or stone. The cost of the various materials can vary significantly, so finding the one best for you depends on your budget as much as it does on your aesthetic taste.

What to look for in a quality single-sink vanity


You typically have three choices when it comes to sinks that fit a single-sink vanity:

  • Undermount sink: These are installed and secured to the vanity under the countertop. 
  • Drop-in sink: These are installed from the top, and drop into the countertop cutout. 
  • Top-mounted sink: These sit on top of the counter, and are typically more decorative. 

Soft-close drawers

One of the newer and more popular features on single-sink vanities are soft-close drawers, which can prevent your children from getting their fingers jammed or stuck in them. They also muffle the sound when closing and protect the frame.  


Some single-sink vanities feature a backsplash that can help protect your wall from water damage to prevent mold or mildew from developing. They also make for a stylish addition that can enhance the look of the vanity. The look and the design of a single-sink vanity can further be enhanced by bathroom vanity lights.

How much you can expect to spend on a single-sink vanity

A single-sink vanity is an investment in the equity of your home and can be on the pricey side, even when selecting a budget-friendly model. A bare-bones vanity can cost around $400, and a larger vanity with extra storage, made from quality materials and featuring additional accessories can cost upwards of $1,000.

Single-sink vanity FAQ

How do you secure a sink to a vanity?

A. The common rimmed sink is attached to the vanity with metal clips and screws that are mounted under the sink. The clips are secured to hold the sink in the correct place. To ensure a complete seal, plumbers use putty or silicone around the edge of the sink where it attaches to the countertop.

What is the difference between a bathroom vanity and bathroom cabinet?

A. Any bathroom cabinet with storage and topped with a sink is considered a vanity, whereas bathroom cabinets that are not connected to a sink are simply bathroom cabinets. 

What’s the best single-sink vanity to buy?

Top single-sink vanity

Timeless Home Single Bathroom Vanity

Timeless Home Single Bathroom Vanity

What you need to know: Redefine luxury with this Calacatta quartz countertop and sleek, gold knobs that will enhance your bathroom design.

What you’ll love: This 42-inch single sink bathroom vanity comes complete with a porcelain undermount sink, three drawers, two soft-close cabinet doors, hardware pulls and a quartz countertop. The elegant and modern vanity is made from medium-density fiberboard. It’s delivered with no assembly required.

What you should consider: The sink faucet has to be purchased separately.

Where to buy: Sold by Home Depot

Top single-sink vanity for the money

Bragenham Single Bathroom Vanity Set

Bragenham Single Bathroom Vanity Set

What you need to know: This budget-friendly, vintage-style single-sink vanity has excellent detail and top-notch design for a fraction of the cost.

What you’ll love: This 30-inch vanity easily adds style with the scalloped design and spindle-style legs. The two soft-close drawers provide additional space and allow you to organize all of your toiletries. This vanity even offers a drawer safety stop to protect your little ones’ fingers from getting caught inside.

What you should consider: This cabinet does not come installed. Wayfair can provide an installer to construct and install the sink vanity.

Where to buy: Sold by Wayfair

Worth checking out

Daria Single Bathroom Vanity Cabinet

Daria Single Bathroom Vanity Cabinet 

What you need to know: This is an eco-friendly option for a single-sink vanity with clean lines, a modern aesthetic and plenty of space.

What you’ll love: The Daria vanity cabinet is a gorgeous piece that features top-of-the-line construction. It’s built from high-grade solid plywood that has been engineered to prevent warping. It is also loaded with storage and includes 2 doors and 6 soft-close drawers. It comes with a 2-year warranty that will give you peace of mind and allow you to be confident in your purchase.

What you should consider: This is one of the more expensive single-sink vanities you can find. 

Where to buy: Sold by Home Depot


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