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Best dog slip leashes

Slip leashes, or slip leads, are convenient for anyone who wants to walk their dog without worrying about them getting loose while outside. They’re a popular alternative to dog harnesses and traditional leashes and can work on any size or breed of canine. They also come in all shapes and lengths. So, whether you want something basic or are looking for something with a little personality, there are some great slip leashes to choose from.

How to use

Slip leashes for dogs do not come with buckles, but rather use a loop to create a collar. This negates the need for a separate collar and traditional leash. But it also makes size and positioning extremely important.

Most slip leashes are already looped to go around a dog’s neck and require only minor adjustments. To do this, open up the loop and pull it up and over the dog’s ears and head until it sits at its neck.

It should fit similarly to a collar, meaning it should not slide down past the dog’s neck to its shoulders. It should also not cut into the canine’s skin or cut off oxygen. Once the leash is on the dog, slip two fingers in between the leash and your pet’s neck. If it’s positioned correctly and fits well, you should be able to wiggle the collar portion around slightly.


Slip leads serve the same purpose as traditional leashes and collars. This includes:

  • Walking dogs that already know how to walk with a leash
  • Transporting well-trained dogs to and from places
  • Signaling to the dog that it’s time to do something, such as train

Potential issues

Although slip leashes are highly versatile, they’re not right for every dog or situation. The most common problems with them are:

  • Choking. Since slip leads are designed to tighten when there’s tension, they can end up choking dogs that aren’t leash-trained or have a tendency to pull when walking. This doesn’t happen with traditional leashes, since the attached collar doesn’t change size when pulled on.
  • Coming off. They’re adjustable, but puppies or small dogs, such as Chihuahuas or Pomeranians, could still break free of them if the leash is too big.
  • Physical injuries. When dogs pull or run a lot, the leash could end up tightening too much, which could damage the trachea and spine.

Before using a slip lead, make sure your pet is already accustomed to walking on a leash. Also, keep an eye on the fit. If the lead is tight around the dog’s neck, even if it’s not actively pulling, go with a larger size.

Another option is to get a stop-gap, which can be adjusted further down the leash and prevent the slip from moving. This can help prevent the dog from choking.

Length and size

Most slip leashes for dogs are between 3 feet and 6 feet long. Some of this length is used for the loop that goes around the canine’s neck. Shorter lengths or long leads with a stop-gap work well if you want to train your canine to do certain tricks, such as jumping on command.

Besides length, the rope diameter also matters. Usually, a larger rope diameter is better for large breeds, while a smaller diameter is best for smaller ones.


Slip leads usually consist of one of the following:

  • Nylon: This durable material is soft and comfortable, making it ideal for leashes and collars. It’s also water-resistant. Some types, such as nylon webbing, are also stretchier, which can help prevent choking.
  • Polypropylene: This plastic polymer is a little less durable than nylon, but it’s waterproof and resistant to ultraviolet light, perfect for outdoor use.
  • Leather: Usually braided, leather leads are sturdy and thick. However, they’re not usually waterproof.
  • Chain: Chain leashes are one of the heavier options, but they do not break easily. This makes them better for large dogs that tend to chew on their collars. It can cut into the canine’s skin if they pull a lot, though.


When it comes to design, slip leashes come in nearly any color and pattern. Some are braided or rope-like in appearance, while others are slim for a more elegant look.

8 best slip leashes for dogs

Best Fida Durable Slip Lead

Fida Durable Slip Lead

This rope-like slip leash comes in seven colors, including green, orange and red. It’s reflective, so it can be easily seen when walking your dog at night. It mainly consists of nylon and leather, but it also has a stopper to prevent choking. Overall, this is a great choice for medium-sized or larger breeds.

Sold by Amazon

Best Top Paw Rope Slip Dog Lead

Top Paw Rope Slip Dog Lead

Available in either black or pink, this 5-foot-long slip lead is adjustable and sturdy. It’s a 1/2- inch thick and is great for teaching canines tricks or transporting them. It’s also made from braided nylon.

Sold by PetSmart

Best iYoShop Slip Lead Dog Leash With Zipper Pouch

iYoShop Slip Lead Dog Leash With Zipper Pouch

This heavy-duty nylon leash comes in 10 different colors, including black, purple, emerald and red. It has a padded handle designed to make it comfortable to hold. Plus, it has reflective threading and a choke stopper. It’s also fully adjustable. Included is an attachable zipper pouch that can store small items, such as doggy bags or treats.

Sold by Amazon

Best Mendota Large Slip Solid Rope Dog Leash

Mendota Large Slip Solid Rope Dog Leash

Simple and waterproof, this polypropylene slip lead is meant for dogs weighing between 50 and 250 pounds. It’s soft and adjustable. It also comes in either 4- or 6-foot lengths.

Sold by Chewy

Best TagMe Reflective Slip Lead Dog Leash

TagMe Reflective Slip Lead Dog Leash

Available in small, medium and large, this colorful lead is made for nearly any breed. It’s reflective, making it safe for evening walks, and it has a soft foam handle that makes holding it comfortable for you.

Sold by Amazon

Best Guardian Gear Kennel Dog Lead

Guardian Gear Kennel Dog Lead

With six leads, each in a different color, this simple set is perfect for anyone who wants something that’s easy to slip on and off their dog at a moment’s notice. It consists of nylon and comes in 4- or 6-foot lengths, and is a good option for quick control, such as for trips to the veterinarian or the groomer.

Sold Chewy

Best Wellbro Real Leather Slip Lead

Wellbro Real Leather Slip Lead

Available in 5- or 6-feet lengths, this leather slip leash features double sliders to keep the loop in place and prevent choking. It’s 2 inches thick, so it’s resistant to dogs that tend to chew on their collars or leashes. It’s also comfortable to hold with a wide handle.

Sold by Amazon

Best Cesar Millan Slip Lead Leash

Cesar Millan Slip Lead Leash

This slip leash is 4 feet long and is ideal for small or medium breeds. It’s designed for transporting dogs, teaching tricks and walks. It consists of woven nylon and has metal hardware to add to its durability.

Sold by Amazon


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