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BTS Funko vinyls

While they were first a way to show one’s fandom for comic book characters, Funko Pop Vinyl toys have exploded in popularity, depicting not just fictional characters but real-life icons as well.

Musical acts are featured as part of Funko’s Pop Rocks series, which kicked off with Jimi Hendrix in 2010. That includes South Korean pop sensation BTS. The seven members of the iconic group have three different collections so far in the growing list of Funko Pop collectibles, each of which is inspired by a specific scene from a popular music video.

Funko Pop characteristics

Funko Pop toys are sought-after collectibles due in part to their uniformity. Most are only 3.75 inches in height and just a few inches wide. They represent characters from pop culture and real life, including animals and mythical creatures, exaggerating their look with large heads and big eyes. The dimension offers a cute representation while still instantly recognizable as the person or being they are meant to depict.

Funko Pop toys are made from polyvinyl chloride, a type of plastic that holds up well over time and can be produced inexpensively. Often referred to as Funko vinyls, the toys do not feature any points of articulation. They cannot be moved and posed and are simply meant to be put on display. They are a way for many teens and adults to show off their fandom.

Best BTS Funko Pop

Best Funko Pop BTS -Dynamite RM

Funko Pop BTS: Dynamite RM

This solo Funko Pop features BTS singer and rapper Kim Nam-joon, known by fans as RM, in a classic disco-era pose with his arm to the sky. The vinyl stands out among others for its bright colors, including RM’s blue hair and tinted orange sunglasses.

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Best Funko Pop Keychain BTS - Dynamite Suga

Funko Pop Keychain BTS: Dynamite Suga

For those who want to take their BTS Funko Pop with them, this keychain version is small and detailed. Featuring Suga in an outfit and pose drawn from the 2020 “Dynamite” music video, the vinyl is less than 2 inches tall, but still instantly recognizable.

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Best Funko Pop Rocks BTS - V

Funko Pop Rocks BTS: V

From a new series, this depiction of Jimin comes from the video for the group’s 2021 single, “Butter.” Though primarily black and white, it includes eye-catching gold details, including a necklace and earring. He holds a placard that boasts his date of birth and the number one, suggesting V may be the best of the group, the one you should consider above all others.

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Best Funko POP BTS - Jung Kook

Funko POP BTS: Jung Kook

From the opening scene in the “Butter” music video, Jung Kook rocks his purple hair and holds a police placard for being “criminally smooth.” It features his birthday, as well as a personal life-changing date when he moved out to start a new chapter in his life.

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Best Funko Pop BTS - RM

Funko Pop BTS: RM

Featuring RM with gold earrings, a gold necklace and pink hair, the beloved member is also holding a police placard with two important numbers: One is his birthday, while the other is his old address.

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Best Funko Pop Rocks BTS - Dynamite Collector’s Set 2

Funko Pop Rocks BTS: Dynamite Collector’s Set 

Inspired by the “Dynamite” music video, this set features fan favorites Jin, Jung Kook and V. The retro outfits are taken from a later scene in the video where the group is standing outside a disco, with each member sporting a 1970s look and pose. The trio in this set offers fans a reasonable middle ground for those who want more than one vinyl but don’t want to spend money on all seven to complete the scene.

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Best Funko Pop Keychain BTS - J-Hope

Funko Pop Keychain BTS: J-Hope

This keychain version of the standard Funko Pop vinyl keeps the toy with you on the go. At just under 2 inches tall, the vinyl material stands up to frequent movement and jostling and stays securely attached to a metal chain. With big glasses, shaggy hair and a stylish pose, this rendering of J-Hope stands out despite the smaller size.

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Best Funko Pop BTS - Suga

Funko Pop BTS: Suga

BTS rapper Suga is depicted with his suited ensemble from the 2021 music video “Butter.” As this Funko Pop won’t be released until late December, purchasing beforehand ensures authenticity and quality and makes for something fun to look forward to.

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Best Funko Pop BTS - J-Hope

Funko Pop BTS: J-Hope

J-Hope, BTS’s singer, rapper and songwriter, boasts an all-black ensemble and carefully coiffed yellow hair in this Funko Pop rendering. Fans of J-Hope may feel particularly connected to this vinyl: The placard he holds has both his birthday and a numerical code for the word “kiss.”

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Best Funko Pop BTS - Jimin

Funko Pop BTS: Jimin

Popular member Jimin features in this collectible inspired by “Butter.” He is particularly notable for wearing all white in the scene. Paired with his multi-colored, rainbow hair, this Funko offers variety, standing out among others. Dedicated fans will recognize the number on his placard as the band’s first concert date.

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Best Funko Pop Rocks BTS - Jimin

Funko Pop Rocks BTS: Jimin

From the earliest series, this vinyl features one of the most popular members styled after album art for 2018’s compilation “Love Yourself: Answer.” Jimin sports shaggy orange hair and a casual school look with a blue tie and vest. This collectible is notable for being the first vinyl in the first BTS series released by Funko.

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Best Funko Pop Rocks BTS Jin

Funko Pop Rocks BTS: Jin

This vinyl collectible, another from the earliest BTS series released by the company, features Jin with his orange hair, flannel shirt and blue shoes. As this Funko comes from an earlier series, it’s highly sought after and, as such, comes at a higher-than-average price.

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