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Which kids’ Spider-Man costumes are best?

Spider-Man is one of the most popular and iconic superheroes of all time. Naturally, that makes a Spider-Man costume an excellent choice for Halloween events, parties and just fun for kids to wear.

If you want a high-quality Spider-Man suit from head to toe, the top choice is the Riekinc Kids Spandex Zentai Bodysuit. It is easy to wear and comes in multiple varieties, depending on the type of Spidey style a kid wants to wear.

What to know before you buy a kids’ Spider-Man costume

Where will the costume be worn?

Spider-Man Halloween costumes for kids will generally be in the form of a full-body suit, so it is best for cool temperatures and indoor areas. If you need a costume that can be easily worn in hot weather or extreme cold, a Spider-Man costume could be uncomfortable. For very cold weather, kids may want to wear warm clothing under the Spidey suit. 

Which Spidey do you want to be?

In Spider-Man’s first appearance, there was the one and only Peter Parker. But now there are many different versions and iterations of Spider-Man from Miles Morales and Spider Gwen to more obscure suit designs like the 2099 or Noir Spider-Man suit designs. There are also different varieties of Spidey costumes inspired by the film adaptations of stories featuring everyone’s favorite web-slinger. Depending on which version of Spider-Man a kid wants to be, it may be easier or more difficult to find the right costume. The good news is, there are plenty of costume options for any child to choose from.

Do you want fake muscles?

There are tons of Spider-Man jumpsuits for kids, but some feature built-in padding in an attempt to mimic the muscles of a superhero. Kids may like having the extra padding, but it may be less comfortable. Consider what would be most comfortable for a kid to wear before buying an outfit. It is important that a Spider-Man costume not only looks good but also feels comfy for the young heroes of Halloween.

What to look for in a quality kids’ Spider-Man costume


It is important that a Spider-Man costume stays in one piece with kids running around and having fun while wearing it. Many costumes are made of light and relatively fragile materials, especially when it is just a thin layer of fabric that covers the whole body. Some costumes can take more stress than others, but it depends on how active a child is while wearing the costume.

Visual Quality

Not all Spider-Man costumes look like the ones in the movies. The best ones have high-quality printed fabric to resemble the detailed and colorful outfits from the comics and movies. It is important that a Spider-Man costume can balance looking the part with function, though. Having a separate mask can be more convenient for eating and drinking, but if it is not attached in some way to the suit, it can look odd or be lost easily. 


A good Spidey suit is easy to put on and comfortable to wear. Kids grow fast, so a Spider-Man suit may not fit them perfectly for as long as an adult. One way to avoid growing out of a Spidey suit too fast is if it is made of stretchy material that can grow a little bit with a kid. It would be inconvenient to try and get new, larger suits each year. Consider getting one that can stretch and has a little growing room so that a kid can wear it for more than just one Halloween.

How much you can expect to spend on kids’ Spider-Man costumes

Great Spider-Man suits can be found for $25-$40. Kid-sized costumes will generally cost less than the adult versions of the same suits, which require more material.

Kids’ Spider-Man costume FAQ

Should you only get officially licensed Spider-Man costumes?

A. A costume being officially licensed is not necessarily a guarantee of quality. Another problem is that the options for officially licensed outfits are very limited. Spider-Man costumes are the sort of suit that is not very easy to make on your own, so buying one manufactured by a company that specializes in high-quality fabric printing is usually easier. The problem is that official brands do not have as many versions of Spider-Man suits. If a kid wants a Spider-Man suit that is a little different from the others, it might be impossible to get from a mainstream costume producer.

How common are Spider-Man costumes?

A. Spider-Man costumes are in no way difficult to find. The tricky part for kids is having a costume that resembles their favorite version of Spider-Man and fits them comfortably. If you are having trouble finding the right Spidey suit in retail stores, start researching the exact version of Spider-Man that a child wants to dress as and determine if any companies produce outfits inspired by that particular suit.

What is the best kids’ Spider-Man costume to buy?

Top kids’ Spider-Man costume

Riekinc Kids Spandex Zentai Bodysuit

Riekinc Kids Spandex Zentai Bodysuit

What you need to know: This high-quality Spider-Man bodysuit is great for Halloween, playing or just wearing around with features that make it easy to use.

What you’ll love: The suit comes in four different printed styles: a classic red and blue Peter Parker suit, the suit from the Spider-Man PlayStation 4 game, the Iron Spider suit from the Avengers films and a stylish red and black variant of the classic Spidey look. The mask can be unzipped and pulled off separately for kids to easily eat and drink. It comes in different sizes for heights ranging from 37-60 inches and the manufacturer will accept custom size orders if needed.

What you should consider: The suit covers the entire body, including the feet. If you plan to wear it outdoors, shoes or sandals would need to be worn over the fabric. Some customers had issues with the durability of seams near the zippers and parts of the mask.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top kids’ Spider-Man costume for the money

Panmeihua Kids Full Bodysuit

Panmeihua Kids Full Bodysuit

What you need to know: This affordable full-body Spider-Man suit transforms the wearer into a wall-crawler from head to toe.

What you’ll love: It comes in various kids’ sizes for children of different heights. The suit also has three different printing options. One is the Spidey suit from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, one is the sleek black suit and one is Miles Morales’ Spider-Man suit. The mask is removable and is not difficult to see or breathe through. The printed colors of the fabric do not fade, so it is easy to wash.

What you should consider: Some customers had issues with the durability of the suit, especially the plastic eye lenses of the mask. Kids will need to be careful not to break the delicate components.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Rubie’s Deluxe Iron Spider Costume

Rubie’s Deluxe Iron Spider Costume

What you need to know: This officially licensed, film-inspired Iron Spider suit from Avengers: Endgame is a good choice for kids who love the Marvel cinematic universe.

What you’ll love: The fabric has high-quality printing. The boot covers allow for regular shoes to be worn and hidden by the suit. The suit has built-in fake muscle padding to give the appearance of a strong superhero. It comes in three different sizes, depending on the height of a child.

What you should consider: Matching gloves would have to be purchased separately. Some customers found that the included mask is too small and may be difficult for some users to see through.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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