Conn. (WTNH) — While holidays are a special time for families to come together, some Connecticut residents are only willing to travel so far.

According to a new study by car dealership Gunther VW Coconut Creek, millions of people will be scaling down their Thanksgiving plans this year due to the rise in inflation and gas prices.

The study found that an average Connecticut family is only prepared to travel 93 miles for their Thanksgiving meal. Nationally, the average family would travel 82 miles.

Half of Nutmeggers said they would prefer to stay home this holiday to use saved gas money on Black Friday, while 1 in 5 said they would suggest family or friends contribute to their travel costs. Rather than travel the long distance, families would instead opt for a more low-key celebration.

Connecticut isn’t alone; New England states aren’t that willing to travel. New Hampshire residents would travel 52 miles, while families from Massachusetts would drive up to 64 miles. Vermont is the state with the least amount of families willing to hit the road, as residents would only travel 21 miles.

The mid-west is completely different. Coloradans are willing to travel over 100 miles, as well as Texas and Nebraska. Southern states also don’t mind the drive; Mississippi residents would go 112 miles and Georgians would travel 118 miles.

See how each state ranked through Gunter VW’s interactive map here.