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Don’t worry! It’s Not Too Late to Get in Shape for the Summer

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You may be thinking it’s too late to slim down for that bathing suit. But according to fitness expert Lisa Lynn, it’s not. Here are a few of her tried and true methods for shedding fat fast.

“Summer is here and you can do it faster and easier than you think,” said Lynn, the founder of LynFit Nutrition, which offers everything from protein powders, to supplements, to workouts and more.

LynFit is really creates tools that makes losing weight faster and easier. Losing weight is hard, we need some easy tricks.

Lynn’s first quick fix for losing weight is to change your diet.

“Diet accounts for 80 percent of your success weight so it’s the first place you should look,” she explained.

She says clean it up, and eat a low fat, low carb diet.

“You want to feed the muscle so you need high quality lean protein but you want to starve the fat so it leaves,” Lynn said.

And if you’re planning on indulging at summer picnics and parties, Lynn recommends offsetting it by timing your meals.

“You can do what we call the 16/8, where you don’t eat for 16 hours,” Lynn explained. “Say you eat between 10 and 6 every day so that your blood sugar comes down.”

To lose weight, Lynn’s says it’s important to nourish your body with high quality supplements like those from LynFit.

“I look for the highest possible quality ingredients,” she said of her line of products. “They’re made in small batches because that’s how I keep my quality high and I keep them fresh.”

The Accelerator Advanced is packed with ingredients like B vitamins, raspberry ketones, white kidney bean extract, and green tea.

“It helps lower blood sugar, which is bigger than most people realize,” Lynn said. “That shuts off hunger, cravings, lowers blood sugar so your body will burn off body fat.”

Cutting Edge is a blend of powerful fat burning ingredients.

“Just because you’re working out and fat is circulating, does not mean it’s going to be burned off, so the best time to take it is before and right after your workout,” Lynn explained. “It shuttles it out and gets burned off versus it being restored as fat and having to deal with it again.” 

Speaking of workout out, while it’s important, think outside the gym.

“Get up move around, pace, mow the lawn,” Lynn said. “Staying active all the time is the best way to lose weight and keep it off — better than any gym workout will ever deliver.”

And remember, there’s no such thing as spot reducing.

“You’ve got to have an allover approach,” Lynn explained. “It pays to do sit-ups but sit-ups should be treated just like every other muscle group — a really good workout two times a week.”

Lisa says when it comes to losing weight, getting enough sleep and hydration are also key, especially in the hot summer months.

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