DERBY, Conn. (WTNH) — With an upcoming trip down the aisle, Dan Sessa and Jessica Rodriguez are no strangers to the gym.

“We have a goal and our goal is to be fit and healthy together by the wedding so it’s nice to be on the same page,” said Rodriguez.

The couple works out together at The Edge Fitness Clubs, where Sessa is a personal trainer.

“I love working out with Dan,” Rodriguez said. “I feel like I’m much more motivated when I have him there.”

“Just the accountability factor, just having my best friend there as often as possible just to kind of keep me motivated and push me through a workout,” Sessa added.

The pair, who are getting married on June 23, are on to something. One study shows exercising with a partner boosts motivation.

“When you’re on that bike and you’re losing motivation and you look over and you see your partner giving it their all, it’s going to give you that extra boost to keep going,” Rodriguez said.

A 2013 study shows couples who work out together are more likely to achieve their fitness goals, and another study found after a sweat session, couples feel more satisfied in their relationship and also more in love with their partner.

“I honestly think it brings us closer together,” Sessa said.

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