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Hyundai highlights philanthropic efforts over cars in Super Bowl ad

Big Game

(ABC)– Taking you behind the scenes of one of Sunday night’s big ads, where companies spent millions to make an impression in just a few seconds. Now Hyundai is showing us how they created theirs on game day.

A Super Bowl ad from a car company but they never show you their cars. Instead, Hyundai opted to feature kids who are cancer survivors.

“My name is Sydney. I was diagnosed with pediatric cancer when I was 14-years-old,” says one survivor in the commercial.Related: The Super Bowl Scored Big on Social Media

Hyundai aired a carless car commercial during the Super Bowl in order to highlight what their company stands for, not just what it sells.

“For twenty years, Hyundai has had this charity “Hope On Wheels” that with each Hyundai sold, a donation goes to it to fight pediatric cancer, but they’ve never talked about it,” the commercial says.

The ad was shot just days ahead of the big game where unsuspecting Hyundai owners, thinking they were going through additional Super Bowl security, were taken to a room and shown a video about the “Hope On Wheels” program and then met a cancer survivor.

“You helped save the life of my child’s life and the life of so many children. So I’d like to say thank you, except I’d like to say it in person,” people in the ad say.

Hyundai wasn’t the only company highlighting their philanthropic efforts.

Instead of the usual Clydesdale, Budweiser featured actual company employees from their brewery in Georgia, spotlighting the company’s emergency water program, which shipped nearly 3 million cans of water to support disaster relief efforts in 2017.

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