Augusta, Georgia. It’s a place that most golfers wait their whole careers to see.

But some young pros in Connecticut are lining up their best Drive, Chip, and Putt in hopes of heading to the PGA before they turn 21. 

Have you ever gotten down and look really close at a golf ball? It’s got the dimples on it, it is designed to go hundreds of yards. There are also all different kinds of clubs, from a driver to a chipper, to a putter. It’s a pretty complicated sport. However, anyone at any age can learn.

For example, Touraj started when he was 3-years-old. Now he’s nine, almost 10 and he is going to be participating in the Drive, Chip and Putt competition here at Lyman Orchards.

Touraj Rajabipour said, “Two years ago I was one putt away from getting to Augusta. And then in the sub regional last year I just didn’t have my best and I got like 3rd or something.”

Touraj is just one of hundreds of young Connecticut golfers with their sights set on Augusta next year. They line up and give it their best drive, chip and putt. The competitions are a one-way ticket for the young winners to get a front row seat to the PGA.

Tim Paragone from Youth Golf Development said, “The cake I guess at the end is playing at Augusta, the Sunday before the Masters. And to see the kids come from all over local golf courses like Lyman Orchards here, and then end up on the golf channel at Augusta, is cool.”

These young pros are under a lot of pressure.

“I just feel a little nervous, because I’m like I really want to win, I really want to win so bad,” Touraj said. “I just relax and then I just get the first shot jitters out of me.”

Johnathan Harlukowicz, youth golfer said, “I usually just listen to my parents, they always say take one shot at a time and take a deep breath and I’ve started to do that a bit more.

The young golfers each get three shots at driving, chipping and putting and the best scores advance to the next round.

Allie Zajac, youth golfer said, “Putt is one of my favorites because you get to do it here, here, and here. And chipping, is a little different lengths, and driving is just fine you stay in one spot.”

Paragone said, “It’s really something incredible I would say, especially as it is a lifelong sport, to see them start at this age and know that they could potential he be playing when they are 60, and their kids could be going to these programs.”