HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — How do you find perfection on the pitch? Take a tip from Hartford Athletic goalkeeper Parfait Mandanda — after all, his name literally means “perfect.” 

His advice is all about working hard, but it goes beyond what you see on the field. The Congolese keeper has been a key component of this playoff-bound team during an unusual season.

“This season is a great season for us,” he said. “Supporters, players, for the team, we are very happy to be in the playoffs.”

It runs in the family — Mandanda is one of four boys. All four brothers are pro keepers. Naturally, they played a lot growing up.

“When we are all together, it is for fun, we enjoy it,” he said. 

He’s worked hard at this sport his whole life but for Mandanda, the secret is to be well rounded in other parts of your life, too. 

“School is very important,” he said, “first before football,” adding that, whatever you do, always put in the effort. 

“Stay focused and work, work.”