Holiday chat with UConn Football Coach Randy Edsall


The 2018 UConn football season was not exactly one to remember for Husky fans or head coach Randy Edsall.

Last week—the team added a bunch of new players during the early signing period.

After such a disappointing season—how hard was it on the recruiting trail for Edsall.

We talked to him about that and other topics during this holiday season chat. 

You mentioned the blue collar guys. How do you measure the blue collarness of a kid I guess? 

“The one thing in an evaluation it’s not just what you see on film it’s watching and going to a game. It’s coming in and talking to all the different people and asking some of those tough questions to people around there and even asking questions to the young man about some experiences or how he feels about certain things. It’s asking those things that people might be afraid to ask. What were doing the weak of heart need not apply.”

“You want to find those things out now and there’s things that you find out during the recruiting process about certain guys. They go somewhere else and you say, ‘Thank god at least we didn’t make a mistake’, but these guys that we signed today and who we will continue to sign they’re going to be UConn players because we understand. We know what were looking for and what we want and were not gonna settle for anything less than that. You know were not gonna take people that don’t fit what were looking for and these 11 fit exactly what were looking for.”

Take me inside the Edsall household what do we do over the Christmas holiday?

“I’m going to Florida and I’m gonna play some golf. I”m gonna go down where its a little bit warm and spend time with my wife and Corey is gonna come down and my daughter. She’s involved with the Peach Bowl so she works for them and she won’t be down.”

“I’ll probably get up to Pennsylvania and see my family up there so just relax and recharge the batteries. “

Will you make it when the ball drops on New Year’s Eve? Are you a New Year’s Eve guy?

“Oh shoot, I’ll be sleeping by that time, that doesn’t do anything for me anymore.” 


“Just to try and be better every day and do whatever i can to help these kids be better everyday.”

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