INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Each year thousands of people will stay in and around the Indianapolis Motor Speedway to enjoy the entire weekend of events. 

For decades there has been camping. Then a few years ago they added glamping, which is glamorous camping. Now you can actually rent a tiny house right in the center of the oval just steps away from all the action. 

The houses have running water in a full bathroom and kitchen, large beds and even air-conditioning. 

“This is more mobile hotel rooms,” Maggie Daniels said. 

Daniels is the owner of Try It Tiny,  a tiny house rental business based in Zionsville, Indiana. She names each of the 15 homes lined up in the Indianapolis Motor Speedway infield. One is Mint Julep. Another is named the School House. 

“The units range in floor plan and size. They’re around 200 square feet, plus or minus, depending on the specific house and they sleep up to four people,” Daniels said. 

The Lodge is one of the larger units and features a lofted bed and creative touches like a vanity that drops down for the ceiling in the kitchen. 

When IMS announced the option back earlier this year, Daniels says all 15 homes booked within one week at $3,000 a pop. That includes a four-night stay, four tickets to the race, on-site parking and a private concierge service.

So while the tiny home trend is based on living simplistically, when it comes to a short-term stay at the track, there’s nothing more extravagant. 

“This IMS is really known for trying to provide brand new experiences for fans and make it a unique one every time they come year after year, so I think the tiny house addition here is doing just that,” Daniels said.