SPEEDWAY, Ind. (WISH) — The Indianapolis Motor Speedway is making sure breast-feeding mothers have they support and privacy they need to attend the Indy 500. 

Dr. Geoffrey Billows runs the infield care center at IMS. He says any woman is welcome to use the care center to express breastmilk or feed their baby. There is also space at each first aid station around the track. 

In addition, mothers can go to the Hall of Fame Museum at IMS to use an air-conditioned space for any of their needs. 

IU Health officials say some breast-feeding mothers felt they could not attend the Indy 500 and other track events in the past for fear they would not have a space to use a breast pump. Often a power supply is needed to run a pump and finding that and a private area can be difficult.

Doctors and lactation consultants say if an actively breast-feeding mother does not or cannot feed her baby or express milk over an extended period of time, breasts swell and become firm and painful.

Engorgement can lead to medical problems and reduce milk supply. IU Health officials say now women have several places throughout the property where they can feel comfortable and also see the race.