Inside Huskies: UConn football and Edsall


The judge found that Randy and his son Corey did not violate the State of CT Code of Ethics.

Erik Dobratz caught up with Edsall and he told him he’d love to win every game, but it’s about the bigger picture. 

“The thing that I always say is this – the team is a year to year thing, but the program is what’s most important. When you come into a situation, you got to be able to establish the program. The program is what’s going to stand the test of time. If your program runs the right way and you have guys in it and they’ve been in it for years and then other people commit, the program will overcome the adversatives that you will hit each and every year. I want to win, but that’s not my major concern right now. If you don’t do things the right way, and you don’t do the fundamentals and the process… You can’t shortcut it. If you do, you’re never going to get to where you want to get to. “

It’s so easy when you’re going through stress to take the shortcuts. You know that at any level, but sticking to your guns – a kid shows up late to class or misses something, how hard is that to get it through their heads that you got to do things the right way. 

“Well that’s where you have to have a consequence for when they do those things. If there’s no consequences, then guess what? They’re going to shortcut it on the field. I had a young man in my office yesterday and I told him that he’s not traveling this weekend because of the things he did. I told him that I hoped if it was my son at school and he did those things, then I hoped the coach would do the same thing.”

When you looked at the U Mass tape, was it simply just a player or two here or there on offense or defense to win that game? 

“Yeah, it was. We gave up 14 points in the 4th quarter. Y’know, we go ahead and every time we did, we let them score. That’s what I talk about in terms of a killer instinct – in terms of a belief and knowing you can do something. But if you don’t put forth the effort and do that stuff in the weight room or the practice field, how ever are you going to do it in the game? We gave up a big play because we had lost the coverage. We gave up a touch down on the fourth and five. When we had opportunities to put it away, we didn’t do it.”

Final thing, you talked about Tulsa. What do you expect when you head down there?

“I expect a hard fought game. They played a lot of close games. For us, we just got to make sure we do the things we are capable of doing. We got to play hard each and every day. We don’t have any margin for error. We got to be exact with what we do.”

Edsall not the only one frustrated with the way things are going right now. Redshirt sophomore Tyler Coyle, one of many younger players on this team, is trying to stay upbeat. Coyle won a lot of games as a player at Windsor high school– but in his Uconn career there haven’t been many “W’s”.

What’s the worst part of all this losing?

“It’s definitely going back to your room and saying, i could have did this better, could have done that better. Like coach says we got to play every play like it’s our last play we’ll ever play. That needs to be our mentality.”

What’s the goal here coming down the stretch? Do you want to win every game?

Definitely. Definitely want to win out. We want to focus on getting the new guys better and just win out. 

And we’ll hear from former UConn great Scott Burrell– who will join the Huskies of Honor Friday night. 

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