(WBRE/WYOU-TV) Lance Van Auken Executive Director World of Little League Museum talks about some of the exhibits and attractions at the museum

“One of our newest exhibits is for major league baseball which features Mike Mussina, which should be no surprise – he grew up across the river from us in Montoursville was a great pitcher for 18 years in  major.  And rightly going into the hall of fame we are really proud that he played little league and been involved in little league for a long time)  

“We actually have items from the Major League Baseball Classic that they have been playing here for the last two years at Bowman Field in Williamsport”,

   “We have items from Mike Mussina’s 20 games winning season- his last season in the major leagues and we have items from Chicago Cubs first baseman – that were given to us by Anthony Rizzo’s parents,   It is just a way to say thank you to Major League Baseball for those guys that are in this exhibit that played little league,”

”  The museum has been here since 1982 but a few years ago we basically gutted the place and did it over- so it is all really brand new “

   “There are six different galleries; there is something to do for everyone where you are four or 84”.

   There are the museumy things that people like to look at….and things to do with your hands

   For us, the Little League Museum is a way to get the story across

   It is more than what happens between the white line on a baseball field or soft ball field,

It’s the history that little league has that really ties into American and WOrld history.

   It is really a jewel here, it is a world-class museum in a small town but we get 25 thousand people a year,

  We try to make sure all the players come here because this is part of their story,  Part of the story we tell here is the history of the world series,

In the most important thing that happens is at the local level in 7000 communities around the world

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