(WBRE/WYOU-TV) Just a short drive from downtown Williamsport You’ll come across “Bastress Mountain Winery and Mountain Top Distillery.” A unique pairing in Pennsylvania.

“When people visit us, I want them to feel welcome. I want them to see the hard work that goes into running a small business in a small town,” explained Sarah Kudlack, Co-owner.

Sarah Kudlack and her husband, Frank took-over the winery in 2018.  After seeing so much promise with the original space they spent months renovating and re-inventing the Historic Bastress property.

“We took out over 59 tri-axle dumpsters or dump trucks of dirt in the back, and we brought in I think it was 20,000 square feet of sod,” noted Sarah.

The main building — transformed into a new tasting room with updated indoor and outdoor seating.

That lends it to be a unique venue for events — or afternoon destination with friends..

Because the facility is a winery and distillery no matter your preference there’s something for you to enjoy.

“If you’re not into wine, we have distilled products. We also serve local beer. But this is a place where if you don’t like one thing, there’s definitely something here for you. And that’s cool to have those options for people,” added Frank Kudlack, Co-owner.

Having those options available takes a lot of work — and much of it happens right here at Bastress.

“We produce our wine right here on site. All of our grapes are from Pennsylvania. We do not grow our own grapes.  We bring all of our grapes in from the Erie region, and then we produce them here and we make different blended wines on-site,” noted Sarah

They specialize in sweet, fruity wines — known to Pennsylvania but also serve dry wines as well.

“On the distillery side, we are known for our Blackberry Brandy and our Maple Whisky,” said Sarah.

Another popular menu item — flavored moonshine.

“We do primarily corn-based stuff. We have a corn whisky, then we have our Jacked-Up Maple, which is our corn whisky, which we use local maple syrup from Tioga County, to flavor that up” noted Frank.

The time-intensive process happens below the tasting room where each item is produced and then bottled.

“If you look at a winery, a brewery, a distillery, it’s very common that yeast eats sugar and makes alcohol. And the difference between a brewery and a distillery is the brewery, you drink it at that point. And the distillery, we then distill that to strip that higher alcohol content,” added Frank.

 Whether you’re coming for a whiskey tasting or glass of pinot the Kudlack’s want to make this space — your space..

Frank sums it up this way, “We just want people to come up here and have a good time. Enjoy the products we make. We have music. We try to make it a vibe where people can come up here and relax. If they have any worries in their life, just come up here and forget about them and have a good time.”

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