(WBRE/WYOU-TV) “It’s amazing I think it’s a well-kept secret that everyone needs to know about,” said Wendy Wetzel.

Hidden in the back mountains of Morris it’s a place that you don’t want to skip out on when coming to Lycoming County.

“Everyone’s really happy lot of groups come in we have a lot of people that camp on the campgrounds a lot of tourists come in on the trail. People going to little league come in and its really good vibe,” said Karon Swendowski,  President, Oregon Hill Winery

Oregon Hill Winery is family owned and operated and has been producing Pennsylvania mountain wines since 1983.

It’s the first winery in all of Lycoming County.

“Got the license in 1983 and sold our first bottle of wine fourth of July weekend in 1985 and now there are over 300 wineries in Pennsylvania so the business has really expanded ” Karon explains.

Karon’s husband Eric was 12 years old when he started making wine with his dad.

At 17 he began making wine as a profession, which is how Oregon Hill Winery was born.

“In 1983 he was the youngest licensed winemaker in the United States,” said Karon.

While his vision came to life, Eric, unfortunately, passed away a couple of years ago leaving Karon to take charge.

“I had to hire a winemaker had to hire some other people to help because I am still a mom have to do the mom stuff and I have a really good team.”

“It’s amazing the industry is just booming right now but to think this one has been here from the start is just really cool,” said Brianne Linn

Brianne Linn has hopped on board as the winemaker at Oregon Hill in November of 2018.

It’s a task that takes a lot of hard work and dedication.

“The juice comes in and I check the temperature take some basic data on it and add the yeast to get the fermentation started and that is a day long process in itself just to slowly bring down the temperature of the yeast to match the temperature of the wine,” explains Brianne Linn.

Once it’s ready. Everyone says you can’t get enough.

“Oregon Hill winery has 25 to 30 varieties of wines ranging from the drys the mediums all the way down here to sweet fruity ones.

“Her wines with the fruit wines is where we all start they’re very flavorful you can taste the fruit in them as well as smooth so you don’t get that after taste of alcohol or whatever but I’ve slowly got older grown to enjoy the drys as well, ” said Wendy Wetzel

Wendy has been a customer at Oregon Hill Winery since 1997.

After falling in love with the sweet blends she too is now a part of the Oregon Hill Winery team.

“Started out working here and doing tastings and selling by the bottle and then as Karon expands I’ve been helping her go to the growers market in Wellsboro every week I think if anything I’m the one doing all the events for her,” said Wendy Wetzel.

With a wine for every palate and nose, from bold to blush Oregon Hill Winery is more than just a shop. It’s a place where many have created everlasting memories.

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