(WBRE/WYOU-TV)  “Out in the country… Birds… Trees, this is therapy to us” that’s how Mark Killian a dream. 

   “There was a lot of blood, sweat, and tears that went into this,” This is Therapy Brewing,

     The hope of three friends — turned business partners — Quinn Kirk… Chris Kuruga and Mark Killian.

     “The different personalities are really what I think makes us successful,” Killian told us.

     “We started hanging out with our families and became really good friends and really connected over — we joke — we connected over the brew kettle,” said Killian.

     Years later… Those three individual brew kettles have turned into one shared brewpub. 

  Therapy Brewing is nestled in the Montoursville Countryside. A quick 20-minute drive from downtown Williamsport, it sits on nearly 200 acres of what was previously farmland. 

They’ve set up shop in the property’s original wagon shed dating more than 110 years. Just as the trio handcrafted their home brews, they picked up their saws and hammers to handcraft their new home.

   “We all enjoy different aspects of construction too and getting our hands dirty.  So this was a great project,” said Killian.

 After about two years of work. Therapy brewing was born — a fresh start for a building… That still honors its past.

  All the wood you see restored from the original building while this space doesn’t forget its original state… Their actual brewing system is state of the art. 

 It all starts with the most basic of ingredients.

  “We get water from our well up on the hill where our windmill is at. We’re using some amazing well water,” explains Killian  

From there….grain is added to the water in their brew kettle an all-electric system that works efficiently and quietly. 

Mark Killian tells us “This is actually the vessel that coverts grain into sugar water essentially “wort,” we call it.  

The “wort” is then stirred up and sits for 60 to 90 minutes depending on the beer.

The boil kettle is next.  It’s the last step before fermentation and is where different ingredients can really affect the taste of the beer.

 Killian explains,” A German lager gets a really small amount of hops.  And IPA — a big IPA — we might be hopping continuously throughout the entire process”. 

 The beers then spend a few weeks in their 110-gallon fermentation tanks. Listen closely enough.. 

 As gas escapes in the bucket.

 You can even hear the beer being made as the gas escapes the tanks.

After moving on to be carbonated and spending up to a month in production. It’s time to enjoy. 

   “We’re constantly rotating, trying new things, and experimenting and having fun with it, which is really at the end of the day what we want to do”.

Whether you’re into IPA’s… Stouts… Lagers… Or sours… There’s a beer on tap for anyone looking to take a break from the little league world series festivities. 

   “We’re looking forward to seeing some of the craft beer lovers that come in for the little league world series,” added Killian. 

 There’s already proof for these three friends that “people will come… People will most definitely come.” 

Learn more about Therapy Brewing LINK