AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) — Love him or hate him, Tiger Woods always draws a crowd. And he had plenty of people in his corner following his 2019 Masters victory.

10-year-old Kendell Heil exclaimed, “Tiger Woods!” When asked who her favorite player was. 

Chanden Emory of North Augusta and 10-year-old Joey Curkoic rooted for Tiger too.

For the fifth time, Tiger Woods was a champion at Augusta National Golf Club. Excluding the current winner, champions are not allowed to take the coveted green jacket off the grounds of Augusta National.

Emory said, “I wouldn’t wear it every day but yeah I would have to flex it a little bit if I won. It’s the Masters.”

“If I were that good I would. I would probably put it up in the house somewhere,” said Travis Blitchington of Augusta.

D.J. Heil lives in Evans. He said, “I think it would definitely come out at any family event and certainly it would come out during the week of the tournament. Boy, it would be a permanent part of my body.”

Although Kendell Heil had second thoughts. “I don’t know. It’s really hot here so I don’t think I would.”

The green jackets debuted in 1937. Sam Snead won the first one in 1949, 15 years after the first Masters Tournament. The jacket has gone through several changes over the years but has never lost its flair. You would think repetitive Masters winners like Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer and Tiger Woods would have their own green jacket closet but they only get one to wear.