(WTNH) — Still no word on when or if Major League Baseball will begin its 2020 seasons. New York Yankees Radio Broadcaster Suzyn Waldman has been covering this team for more than 25 years. She’s looking forward to baseball coming back. She also reflected on her time covering Michael Jordon when he was a player in the NBA.

“I’m trying to be patient,” Waldman told News 8 about the opening of the MLB season. “I’m not a very patient person but I’m trying to let this play out and it’s very very tough.”

Every day during the baseball season you can hear Waldman on WFAN radio in New York broadcasting Yankee games. But with the coronavirus pandemic, MLB is shut down and Waldman is home just trying to stay busy like the rest of us.

She said she intended to do “all the things that you say you’re gonna do if you ever have time because I have no time to do anything: I’m gonna learn to speak Spanish, I’m gonna read all these books behind me. And I’ve done none of it.”

Lately, WFAN has been replaying old Yankees games with Waldman and her partner John Sterling doing live pregame shows.

Back in March, Waldman was in Tampa doing Spring Training games and she really liked the way the 2020 Yankees were coming together. However, the excitement of Spring Training quickly faded to the reality of life back in New York amid a world-wide pandemic.

The pandemic has been especially tough on her and the New York City community.

“Like everybody else, some days I’m ok and I live outside New York City so I can go outside in my yard and throw balls to the dogs and do a little gardening and things like that.”

Some days she even ventures out to the supermarket, she said, and finds things that bring her a little joy in this stressful time.

“I got there and there was actually Charmin on the shelf; I got so excited that I took a picture of it because I was thinking this must’ve been what it was like when the Americans went into Europe and brought silk stockings and chocolate and coffee,” she explained.

Like so many of us, Waldman is trying to stay positive and looks forward to getting back behind the mic.

“I know there’s all kinds of contingency plans and they’re working on stuff and I know they’re talking to the union, but you can’t make plans, you just can’t, and it’s a little scary.”

Waldman also told some great about her time covering Michael Jordan in the NBA and during his baseball days.

WEB EXTRA: Waldman reflects on her time covering Jordan in the NBA