NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH)– It’s fair to say that Dieter Eiselen is ready to prove that he’s a pro.

“I’ll go to Antarctica if it means I’ll make the 53-man roster,” said Eiselen.

However, the 6’4″ 310 lbs. lineman is trying to be patient as the world tries to deal with the coronavirus pandemic.

“It’s been really tough. I was taking classes and living half of the week in New Jersey training down at Test Football Academy, trying to prepare for my pro day. And then obviously when all of this happened, it was supposed to take place on March 26, it ended up getting postponed,” said Eiselen.

So he’s done some Zoom and Skype interviews with NFL executives and they seem to like what they see.

Eiselen is big, strong, and athletic, along with Ivy League smarts.

“I think they really like how physical I am and how I play to the echo of the whistle. One of the offensive line coaches that I talked with said after watching my film, his nickname for me was the Ivy League dirt-bag, which he said was definitely a good thing for an offensive lineman,” said Eiselen.

Right now it looks like Eiselen could be a late round pick or a high priority free agent. He doesn’t care where he goes, but he’ll always remember where he’s been.

And he’ll never forget his days as a Bulldog.

“It’s everything I thought it would be and even more. It’s been the formative experience of my life,” said Eiselen. “I’m just forever grateful for what Yale has done for me, and hopefully I can just be a good ambassador for it going down the road.”

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