SCSU Baseball captain back in batter’s box after violent collision


The collision was violent. It was a scene those that witnessed it won’t soon forget.

Southern Connecticut State University baseball first baseman Tyler Criscuolo’s face was fractured in more than a dozen places.

It was a LeFort 3 fracture, when the facial bones are separated from the cranial base.

“I was in the ICU for five to six days, hospital for 10. Had surgery on March 12th,” Criscuolo explained. “…Jaw wired. On a liquid diet. Fed through a syringe for days. Lost 20 pounds. Nose splint. Stitches in my face.”

Criscuolo wasn’t supposed to play again this year.

Amazingly, the Gold Glove nominee only missed 15 games, less than a month of time.

The senior isn’t playing the field, but he is back in the batters box and swinging well, like he always has.

“This wasn’t the way I wanted to go out,” he said.

“He couldn’t wait to come back. Trainers had to hold him back to keep him down a week until we could make sure he was ready, he’s that tough,” Head Coach Tim Shea explained.

“As a leader, a captain, I felt like I had to show it was important to make a comeback and make a playoffs push,” Criscuolo added.

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