Though Jay Williams traded his basketball skills on the court for the broadcasting booth, the former Duke star still savors every chance to showcase his skills on the hardwood.

A year ago, the ESPN NBA analyst and former No. 2 pick in the 2002 NBA draft, teamed up with the network’s NFL analyst Keyshawn Johnson as the duo dismantled Bart Scott and Alan Hahn, 11–4, in the ESPN Radio 2-on-2 Challenge. In the lopsided affair, Williams put on an offensive clinic, scoring 10 of his team’s points and dishing out one assist in the win.

Despite the convincing victory, Stephen A. Smith was not overly impressed by Williams’s performance. In an episode of First Take with JJ Redick and Williams after the win, Smith explicitly stated that he would be “better than what he saw” from Williams and Johnson.

When Redick suggested that Smith find a partner at the network to face him and Williams in a two-on-two matchup, Smith said he would lose the game, but would still get his fair share on offense. Even more, Smith gave a timeline of when he would fulfill Redick’s offer.

“Next year, at this time, we can do that and I’ll be 55 by then,” Smith said in a June 2022 episode of the show. “I promise you, ain’t nobody shutting me out. I promise you that. I don’t give a d--- who it is. I didn’t say I would win but me not score a bucket, please, y’all better watch y’all mouths.”

On Saturday, Williams called Smith’s bluff, tweeting that he was still waiting on the highly anticipated contest.

“It’s been a year & I’ve been waiting for this moment @stephenasmith .. no more running from @jj_redick & I. It’s time for me to bust yo ass w/ my one leg 😂👑. @FirstTake,” Williams tweeted.

Smith has his hands in multiple facets of the network alongside his own personal endeavors. But, if he does find a partner to face Williams and Redick, it would be must-watch television to see how he fares against the two former NBA players.