Saturday’s NASCAR Truck Series playoffs race gave viewers an unexpected sight to behold at Talladega Superspeedway following a frightening scene involving a crew member of driver Zane Smith.

The moment occurred early in the race as Smith’s No. 38 Ford jumped off the track for a routine pit stop at the end of stage one. Instead of carefully slowing down into the pit stall, however, Smith took a spin as he hit the brakes, sending the back of the car straight into the crew member. 

The surprising stop sent Charles Plank, who was carrying two tires, flying after he absorbed a violent hit into his hip at the same time he seemingly attempted to jump onto the back of the truck. Fortunately, Plank didn’t appear to suffer serious injury.

Given the shocking scene, the FS1 telecast quickly strung together a replay compilation showing the violent hit from nearly every possible angle, making for a truly mesmerizing and chilling on-air visual.

Astonishingly, despite the horrified reactions of the commentators, Plank managed to stay on his feet and continue working. He subsequently was interviewed on the FS1 broadcast and described the incident from his perspective.

“I thought I could clear it, and I didn’t,” Plank joked. “I’m glad I made it on the deck lid instead of getting underneath it. So, we’re ready for the next stop. … I’m great to go.”