Aaron Rodgers announced he plans to spend four days and nights in complete darkness in a small house in order to help him make a clearer decision about his NFL future.

As of now, Rodgers again is contemplating whether to retire or return to the NFL for his 19th pro season. If Rodgers decides to return, the Packers could trade him and turn to 24-year-old Jordan Love. The Jets and Raiders reportedly lead trade discussions.

Rodgers hasn’t shared insight as to what direction he might choose, but he said Tuesday on The Pat McAfee Show that he likely will make his decision shortly after the darkness retreat, which is set to take place in a couple weeks.

The quarterback’s excursion didn’t really surprise the NFL world, though, as Rodgers already is known to participate in extraordinary activities, such as undergoing a Panchakarma last spring and trying ayahuasca in 2020.

Even if Rodgers’s upcoming excursion isn’t too shocking, the news sparked humorous tweets as the NFL world apparently expects chaos to ensue regarding Rodgers’s future upon his return.

Some observers humorously compared Rodgers’s being “in the dark” to what it feels like as a fan of a star-crossed team such as the Jets, Raiders or Bears.